Our catalytic methods afford access to a wide range of chiral amines, alcohols and chiral amino acids in excellent enantiomeric purity. Our initial focus is on the production and supply of chiral ligands and their metal complexes for various asymmetric reactions to access a diverse range of chiral intermediates, which are important to drug discovery and API intermediates.
Vline Pharmachem developed a wide range of technologies through years of research in the areas of catalytic asymmetric reactions and metal catalysed cross-coupling reactions. Now Vline Pharmachem provides collaborative services with our customers to optimise key steps in synthetic routes.



Vline Pharmachem provides expert contract research services in the areas of Asymmetric Hydrogenation.
Vline Pharmachem provides the asymmetric alkylation by using chiral phase transfer catalysts.
Palladium-catalysed asymmetric C-H activation and cross-coupling reactions including but not limited to Heck, Suzuki, Buchwald-Hartwig.
Catalyst development, ligand synthesis (phosphines, NHC’s (chiral and racemic), chiral Cp ligands, binol phosphoric acids, and chiral phase transfer catalysts).
Contract Research/Manufacturing services are based on Full-Time- Equivalent (FTE), Fee-For-Service (FFS), or Purchase Order (PO) business model.


Custom synthesis has  become the most important part of pharmaceuticals, API and contract research organization with a challenge to meet the timeline commitments of domestic and international clients. Custom synthesis has always been an integral part of our production. At our R&D centre we have our own professional team of scientists who are dedicated to meeting the agreed upon timeline for customers. We specialize in multi-step synthesis of compounds that are not commercially available.
We synthesize products and develop molecules according to customer needs. We specialize in multi- step synthesis of compounds that are not commercially available. Additionally, we synthesize novel and rare organic chemicals in the scale ranging from milligram to multi-kilogram quantities.



Highly experienced Ph.D. chemists in all aspects of catalytic asymmetric reactions and metal catalysed cross coupling reactions and technology development for the complex molecules.
VLINE has 10 production chemists, 2 analysts, 1 procurement specialist, and sales team.
Carousel reactors and parallel hydrogenation use to carry out high throughput screening and DOE studies.
In the laboratories of process development, we have 250mL, 1L and 5L Autoclaves for hydrogenation up to 50 bars and in the pilot scale-up, we have the 50L reactor and 20L rotary evaporator.
We have sophisticated quality control department having GC, HPLC along with common equipment and facilities with the support of H-NMR.